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Facts That the you Ought to Know About Space

The beauty of the space is one thing that keeps the human mind thinking. This is because of all the natural features like stars that occur during different times of the year on the clouds. People for a very long time have been on a mission to discover the mysteries of their area with the majority of scientists coming up with quite good outcomes. The space is characterized by the presence of different bodies like stars and planets. But not too much is understood about the space on a factual foundation. This is attributed to the fact that there have been so little space exploration expedition. However, this is not to mean that you can not find facts about space. Listed below are some of the known facts about the space.

The sun is at the center of the universe. The sun was proven to contain a substantial bulk of thing, which is filled by around a million times the mass of ground. This feature makes the sunlight the most important part of the universe. It has also been observed that our solar system orbits the sun. Bearing this in mind, it’s necessary to say that sunlight makes up to 99. 8 percent of the whole universe.

It is also important to note the fact that the hottest planet is not one that is closest to the sun. From basic knowledge it is known that mercury is the planet that is close to the sun. One of the significant characteristic that does not make mercury the hottest planet is the fact that it does not have an atmosphere. This leaves it warm during the day if its surface is totally exposed to sunlight. During this hours, the average temperature can rise up to 425 degrees Celsius. But during the night the world gets chilly as low as -180 degree Celsius. The hottest planet in space is Venus due to the ability of its thick clouds to trap the heat coming from the sun making it hot at all times. It can reach up to 500 degree Celsius in hotness.

In space there is a very interesting fact that you need to be aware about and that is when two metals come together they stick to each other. They bond in a process referred to as cold welding. This is because of absence of air in the space. In the world, this procedure doesn’t happen without specific treatment. This is because of the availability of oxygen in air. Nonetheless, in some manufacturing process, cold welding is used under specialized conditions. Those equipment put on by astronauts do not get affected by this because of the coat of oxide put put in them.

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4 Lessons Learned: Facts