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Makeover On A Budget

Changing how you look can take very little time if you know the right steps you need to take. Looking beautiful can be cheap if you can be able to find looks that are affordable.

Spa treatments are effective but you can decide to create your own spa treatments at home and use the same techniques as that of the spa to achieve the same effects. Your hair needs some love as well, and it can get it right at home by using things you can get in your kitchen such as olive oil and coconut oil.

DIY masks are easy to make, and there are various ones you can choose from. You can choose to search the internet for facial masks that will help with the situation that you are suffering from. Issues like dry skin and oily skin can be maintained and managed by the masks. Skin exfoliators are also an important step in your daily regime as well as a keen step in your spa day. All these things have an added advantage in that you can find the different recipes and flavors that you need in your kitchen.

The kitchen is full of wonders and ingredients that can help you in your various skin conditions; For example you can mix coffee grinds and olive oil to make a great skin exfoliant that will smoothen you and add a glow to the skin. You might as well give yourself a facial treatment at home by using the steps that you get from your beauty salon.

Your hair also ties up your transformation. Treat your hair by using hot oil treatments with coconut and virgin oil. When you apply oil to your hair you can then wrap it in a warm towel and allow them to sit for a while. Wash it with shampoo afterwards and make a deep conditioner by using eggs, avocado and oil.

Teeth also need care. You can use simple tools like lemon and baking soda to help change your smile. If you need a more detailed hands-on dental procedure then you can try to get free low-cost dental care. For example you can join dental school clinics which are a great place to get all the dental care that you need. Since students are trying to get practical experience they probably won’t charge you for their work. There are other places such as community dental clinics or even private clinics like The Smile Gallery dentists who may offer dental services for less.

Getting yourself a wardrobe will complete your whole transformation. Take out the clothes, you don’t need or the ones that are ripped. Get yourself clothes that are a basic staple piece.